Imagine a beautiful lake, stretching far to a horizon where majestic mountain peaks reflect off the calm, serene waters. Imagine  tree-lined shores and islands dotted throughout, all beckoning you to come and explore. Imagine yourself on a boat as rare and beautiful as the setting itself, cruising in style with a crew devoted to ensuring your experience is everything you imagined it to  be. Come renew yourself and find outdoor adventure on New Hampshire's largest lake with 44,000 acres of water to play on and 288 miles of shoreline to discover. Winnipesaukee literally means "smile of the great spirit" our motto and that's what we strive for, that you'll leave happier, healthier and smiling from ear to ear, touched forever by this incredible great lake.​ Find peace of mind in the Winnipesaukee wilderness while encountering abundant wildlife, breathtaking vistas and all the fresh air you need. Life's an adventure so let's live it!


Join us aboard the 'Winni V" our classic 28-foot 1964 Lyman Islander, and escape the crowds for a "body mind & spirit" experience you won't find anywhere else, and won't soon forget. Lyman's status in the world of classic boating remains quite special. These rugged crafts have standard painted wood lapstake hulls and offer the ability to handle rough waters better than most other crafts of similar length. The Winni V represents the very best of the Lyman heritage. The design is attractive and the ride is soft, with an enclosed cabin or fresh-air open seating ​on the mahogany planking deck. Our dual engines are the workhorses of the boat for excursions, cruising comfortably across the​ broads of Winnipesaukee in any type of weather. It takes a unique vessel to deliver you with an unparalleled Winnipesaukee Adventure, and the Winni V is a boat like no other you'll see on the lake.

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